What is dye-sublimation.

Die-sublimation is a printing technique that transfers ink onto a polyester fabric.  Fist the design is printed on a special type of paper. After this is done, the paper is pressed on top of a sheet of raw fabric.  Through the application of heat and pressure the ink on the paper is turned into a vapor and transferred to the fabric.  Unlike other techniques like silk screening and vinyl pressing which leave the desired graphic on top of the fabric, sublimation actually embeds the die into the fabric. This process results in a permanent application of your design that will not ware off. By printing on to fabric this way an almost photographic image can be achieved.

How to care for our jerseys

- Our jerseys are %100 polyester.

– Please turn them inside out before washing.

– Do not use bleach.

– Machine wash cold with like colors.

– Hang dry.

– Like all polyester our shirts will snag from time to time. If this occurs DON’T PULL

ON THE SNAG! It’s best to just leave them alone but if you must remove the snag

use a pair of scissors to trim them off.

– Avoid contact with materials such as Velcro and be careful around chain link fencing.

– Iron with caution on low heat

Returns, changes and cancellations

- Unfortunately we do not offer refunds due to the nature of our custom products.

– Please ensure your order is correct before placing it. We are not responsible for any mistakes due to incorrect information.

– Cancellations will result in a loss of the security deposit and design fee along with any funds that we may have received.

– Once production has started on your teams jerseys we can not make any changes or modifications to your order.

– Additions to your order will be handled as separate orders.

– We stand behind all of our work. Although we like to think we are perfect, we are still humans and are bound to make mistakes. Rest assured any mistakes we make will be quickly corrected.

– With all that being said, our priority is that you are happy with you jerseys. If you feel any less than happy with your products please contact us and we try our best to make it right.

Color matching

Colors can change when going from a digital format to a printed format. We do our best to correct any color discrepancies but we can’t always get it perfect. If you need exact color matching we request you come into our shop and check out a pre-production panel to verify what the colors are going to look like after print. If that is not possible we can mail you a sample for a small charge. Please let us know during the pre-production stage if this something you would like to do.

Production Time

We strive to get your team their jerseys as fast as possible. Our production time is approximately two weeks. This time is from the receipt of the following.

– The Security Deposit and design fee.

– Signed production proof

– Full order details, including quantities names and sizes

– (Optional) Approved fabric panel for color matching

Product Guarante

We guarantee top quality fabric and construction from our in-house design, production, and cut and sew teams. Claims of shortages or damage must be made within 72 hours of receipt. We reserve the right to replace or repair at our discretion.

Rush Orders

We understand that sometimes you need your orders sooner than later. We also know that we get busy and two weeks can turn into two and a half or even three weeks sometimes.  For those of you who may have a big game coming up, or are just to excited to wait, we offer a rush service. After we receive everything we need from you we can get an order out in as little as 3 business days. Pricing for rush jobs varies depending on the quantity of the team and quickness you need the order in. Please contact us for a quote on rushed orders. The rush charge can range up to 60% of the orders cost.